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Saturday, June 11, 2005

It Ain't All Bad!

So I've been desperately clutching onto the guard rail of the Agent Query-Go-Round. You know the ride: submit query to literary agent, agonize during the waiting period, receive rejection, repeat. There's also the popular agent dance, the Limbo, during which an agent reviews a requested partial or full manuscript. Between the Query-Go-Round and the Limbo, I completely understand why some writers begin to add a healthy splash of vodka into the morning cup of OJ.

My first book, a contemporary fantasy novel, is still doing its time in Limbo. My second book, a chick-lit novel, just jumped onto the Query-Go-Round a few weeks ago, and I've gotten a number of requests for a Limbo dance with agents. Yesterday, I received what has to be the best rejection ever. (At least, for me.)

I queried this agent after the Backspace Conference earlier this month. This agent was fabulous -- charming, smart, intelligent, and very sharp. Even though her website didn't mention anything about representing chick lit, I sent her an e-mail in the off chance that she might be interested. Sure enough, she asked for the first 50 pages and a brief synopsis. Here's the rejection I received yesterday:

*  *  *
Thank you for giving me the chance to read the synopsis and opening chapters of HEY CHARLES--YOUR SLIP IS SHOWING. You have a terrific voice, great characters, and an uncanny knack for making preposterous situations seem believable. It grieves me to say this, but I am simply not the right agent for a young twenty-something novel, no matter how good it is, since I just don't have the right pool of editorial contacts. Carefully research agents who do handle this kind of work, and be prepared to be very discriminating when you get multiple offers for representation. You're the real deal, so make sure your future agent is absolutely right for you and this book.
Very truly yours,
*  *  *
Oh my God, I think I'm going to frame this.

Book Buzz of the Day
Babyhood, Paul Reiser. Funny stuff, whether or not you were a fan of Mad About You. I love his line about his "precious little tax deduction," which I now use almost daily about my own kids. My little TDs.


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