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Friday, June 30, 2006

Devil's Advocate

I love my crit partner.

She read THE ROAD TO HELL in one day. She got back to me immediately, highlighting the parts that she adored and worked very well, and putting a magnifying glass to those parts that didn't work so well.

We backed and forthed in email, played with some plot ideas, discarded others. After a false start, I got broadsided with an epiphany. I ran it by my crit partner. And she said it was fantastic.

And so I've been tweaking the draft. Next draft. Whatever it's called. Added 4,000 words, a new chapter, and moved one part of the story up to the front. I'm tightening the plot to make sure character motivation is clear...and that the plot is streamlined. And I really think this will kick me out of "character-driven" into "plot-driven." Small changes that add up to big-ticket items.

So hats off to the Devil's Advocate, my very own crit partner. If THE ROAD TO HELL works, it's all her fault.

Smooches, C.P. :-*

Thursday, June 29, 2006

R.I.P. Jim Baen

The SF industry has lost a giant. The God of Baendom is dead.

Jim Baen's obituary, by David Drake.

Goodbye, Jim. Thank you for everything you've done.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Stick A Pitchfork In Me!

I'm thrilled to announce that THE ROAD TO HELL is done! Well, the first draft, at any rate. 76,300 words (read: about 300 manuscript pages). It's now in the very capable hands of my faboo Crit Partner and my awesome Loving Husband.

Say it with me: HUZZAH!

One of the things that I dig about writing a series: I get to see the characters really take shape over the course of the book AND the series. One of the players in HELL'S BELLES has a major role in ROAD...and I have to say, he's an evil li'l devil, and when I'm not shivering from his evilness, I'm totally loving him. (That doesn't mean I won't slap him around and make his life a living hell, heh. Actually, he gets his own book. I guess he's the Wolverine of my series...)

Anway, fingers crossed that my CP and LH -- and my amazing Beta Reader, who's weighing in on whether she wants to read ROAD now or after it's revised -- don't hit their heads against the wall when reading ROAD.

And now...off to review the copy edits for HB. :-)

((Insert happy hellion dance here))


The end is nigh!

That's right -- I'm on my LAST CHAPTER for THE ROAD TO HELL. It looks like I'm going to make my June 30 goal after all...

((Insert evil grin here))

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Say Hi to Jax Mom!

OMG -- Hey, everyone, my mother visited my blog!!!

She posted this under an earlier entry:

Anonymous said...
Omegod, Jackie- your book cover is---well--spectacular. Sexy and gorgeous and inviting. And scary.Just wait 'til I tell your father.

Quick, everyone wave to Jax Mom!

((Hi, Mom!))

And Mom -- Dad hasn't even read the book yet!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Okay, Hellions. My pretty cover is here! Check it out -- a first look at HELL'S BELLES.


I've got two marvelous blurbs -- one you can sort of see on the front cover, from bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson. The other is on the back cover, a delicious quote from Cathy Clamp, co-author of the bestselling TOUCH OF EVIL. And I have an ISBN, and a cover price! Woot!

Whatcha think?

Getting my copy edits tomorrow. I'll have two weeks to review them, get my changes back...AND send the first chapter of THE ROAD TO HELL, which my editor (I love you, John!) wants to include as a teaser at the end of HB.

So this wreaks havoc with me finishing the draft of ROAD by June 30. Forgive me if I don't make my deadline? Please?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Checking Out

It's June 12, and I have 18 days to finish the first draft of THE ROAD TO HELL. I won't be posting until I'm done, but I will be updating my word count thingy. Hugs and kisses! :-*

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Favorite Editor!

A few posts back, I mentioned that my short story, "The Ties That Bind," had been published in FARTHING. I received a couple of good reviews. Yay, me! I also mentioned that I had, sadly, been a total goober and had lost the check I'd received for the story. Pro-rate sale, folks. Bummer.

So...today, Wendy Bradley, editor of FARTHING, recently back from going to various conventions, resent me the payment. It's right there in my PayPal account.

Wendy Bradley, kids. She's AMAZING. I love her, love her, love her. She's officially my favorite editor. (A damned good one, too, if I may say.)

Show her the love, kids. Go subscribe to FARTHING. If you like speculative fiction, you won't be sorry.

I (heart) you, Wendy!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm a Minion!

I just got the COOLEST button in the mail. And I'm proud to announce that I am officially one of Heather Brewer's minions!

For those who don't know, Heather's debut novel, EIGHTH GRADE BITES, will be published by Dutton in spring of 2007. To find out more about Heather, the minions, and why EGB is getting such fabulous early buzz (including blurbs from people including Chris Moore, swoon!), check out Heather's blog, Bleeding Ink.

EDIT: Make that "summer of 2007" -- EGB will be the perfect beach read. You, your sunblock, a nice virgin bloody Mary...

Further EDIT: Lookit! I finally uploaded the picture! Call me Minion Jax. (And yes, that is an Endless poster behind me. Signed by my god of writing, Neil Gaiman. Glad you asked.)