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Friday, October 28, 2005


I finished the first draft of Book Three! WOOT!

Clocking in at 77,500 words, it's done. The last half of the novel is probably complete crap. Then again, I got it all down in two months.

HOLY CRAP, I wrote a book in TWO MONTHS.

Heh. And to think there was a time when I was impressed that I'd written one book. Now I've got three, with a fourth wasting away into electronic dust. Note to self: pick up YA novel and finish it.

I am officially NOT WRITING ANYTHING having to do with Book Three for an entire week. At least. At the earliest, I will pick it up on Monday, November 7, to begin the revision. Meanwhile, I'll start on the query letter (oh God, here we go again) and the synopsis. Tomorrow.

Because tonight, baby, I'm drinking me some wine. BOOK THREE (draft one) IS DONE!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Light at the End of the Tunnel


Up to 73,500 words.

Two chapters and an epilogue left.

Four days to reach the goal.

I hear Janet and Brad singing: "There's a light over at the Frankenstein place..."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

WIP: A progress report

70,000 words.
Five days to finish.
Four chapters plus an epilogue to go.


Monday, October 17, 2005

A New Week

It's Monday, which means that today's the day to have a shiny perspective on things -- maybe try to be a little happier, a little brighter. You know, crap like that. Of course, today is also the day traditionally that diets begin, so I don't know about the whole "happy" thing. Maybe I'll just have some cupcakes and enjoy the momentary yumminess that only chocolate can bring.

((sigh)) Sorry. The coffee's brewing. I'll be more coherent soon.

Meanwhile, the WIP is up to 49,500 words as of this moment. I've got 14 days to bang out just over 30,000 words. So I need to average just over 2,000 words a day. Considering I babble over 2,000 words on phone calls with my mother, this should be a cakewalk.

Oh, there I go mentioning "cake" again. Hmmm. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something... Or, at least, my stomach is...

Book Buzz of the Day
Creepers by David Morrell. I had the pleasure of meeting David at the Backspace Conference this past June. Let me tell you, the man is damned smart, very funny...and very serious about the business of writing. His latest book is written in real time, from what I understand, over a period of eight hours. I can't wait to dive into it to see how a master does it.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The WIP Is Killing Me

Up to 45,500 words.

Down to 16 days.

35,500 wrods in 16 days?

Shoot me now...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Dog Ate My Homework

Okay, so I've been a bad, bad blogger. No posts for a while. So, in the Life of Jackie, we have the following:

- I've got just over 40,000 words in the WIP. For anyone not familiar with word count and what that means writing-wise, figure that the average debut novel clocks in at 80,000 words. So I'm a little more than halfway done. My goal for finishing the first draft is October 31. Yeah, of this year. T-minus 19 days and counting. (WIP is work in progress. But you knew that, didn't you?)

- I'm not doing NaNo. For the uninitiated, November is National Novel Writing Month. Yeah, really. Lots of people sign up and agree to bang out 50,000 words of completely new material. Me, I'm taking November to sleep.

- A couple stories have been rejected from various magazines. Ah well. Still had five acceptances this year so far for my short works, which is three more than I had hoped for. So no real sadness here.

- Loving Husband and I have decided where we're moving. Yay, us! Now all we have to do is sell our house...which has been on the market for more than 30 days, without a nibble. Drat.

- The cats, apparently, don't want us to move. Why else would they vomit and bat their poop around the house on the days we show it to prospective buyers?

- Tax Deductions, Elder and Younger, have begun to conspire against LH and me. At least, I'm convinced it's a plot. Why else would one child insist on waking up before the crack of ass when the other child wants to sleep in?

There you have it. Life in a nutshell.

Book Buzz of the Day
Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman. I haven't read this yet, but everything Neil does is amazing. Bar none. He's my god of writing. Bow down before the power of Gaiman!

The new issue of Wild Child Publishing is finally up and running! Check out, among other fabulous entries, the following:
- "Soldimehndi," by Rabe Phillips. Dark fantasy at its finest.
- "Those Union Irony Blues," by Robert D. Rowntree. A very fun, very clever flash science fiction piece.
- Interview with Margaret Weis, by yours truly. The lady is a goddess in her own write--er, right.

Can you tell I was the editor for these pieces? ((insert innocent smile here))

But I'm proud of all of our content, so check out all our content. Enjoy!

Monday, October 03, 2005

L'shana Tova!

For anyone celebrating Rosh Hashana, l'shana tova! Happy 5766!

* Insert sound of shofar here *