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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

"Our House In the Middle of Our Street"

It's Madness, all right. We're officially on the market and looking to sell our house. The joy of selling has begun. Can't wait for the insanity known as "packing up all your crap and shlepping it with you."

Jackie's Submission Update
Got a lightning-fast personalized rejection from an agent on Book One. When I say "fast," I ain't kidding. He got the requested partial yesterday morning and emailed me yesterday afternoon. He was very complimentary, saying that it was "certainly well-written." (WOOT!) Unfortunately, it felt "too familiar," and he cited the book it reminded him of. Fair enough, although I, personally, hated the book he mentioned--couldn't bring myself to read more than a few chapters of it before I chucked it across the room. He closed the email by giving me an eye-opening suggestion. This was not only very helpful but also damned nice of him, especially given that he rejected the partial. Take it from me, Writers At Large: there are awesome agents out there.

Also got a short story (flash fiction, really) rejected after about a week. Off to find another flash-fiction market...

A huge GOOD LUCK to Nadia Cornier as she launces her new agency, Firebrand Literary!


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