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Friday, February 16, 2007

Champagne Amidst the Snow

I freaking hate snow.

Yes, it's beautiful. Pristine. White. It's also freaking COLD, and WET, and sneaks into your boots and gloves. Snow is evil. At least I don't have to shovel rain.

(Well, technically, I don't have to shovel snow, either. Smooches, Loving Husband!)

Our backyard is buried. Our bird feeder was equally buried, until LH cleared the way for the woodpeckers and cardinals and finches to get to their food again. (Now dammit, woodies, you owe us one, so STOP EATING THE CEDAR ON THE HOUSE. Got it???) Precious Tax Deduction the Elder nearly lost his boots in the snow. Twice. He loved it. Children are insane.

But something cool happened this morning. Before LH and I took the kids to school, we saw four deer leaping over the snow. In our backyard.


The slightly jaded Brooklyn girl in me was utterly stunned.

The slightly jaded Upstater in me wondered what the hell those deer were doing in our (pardon me) neck of the woods.

The Brooklyn girl then thwocked the Upstater upside the head and told her to shut the F up and just ENJOY NATURE for a change.

Something else...

Check out another review for DREAMS AND DESIRES: Cocktail Reviews. The reviewer gave the anthology "5 champagne flutes," which, apparently, means:

You would be very glad if you had bought the book. Most definitely recommend it to someone else. You loved the characters/plot/dialogue. Superb/excellent/solid characters/plot/interest level/writing. You would look forward to reading more from this author."

Works for me. Plus the reviewed included the following about my short story, "To the Core":

Author: Jackie Kessler
Erotic Rating: Tangy
Title: To The Core

Wendy is a Zintal. Curious? So was I. Clearly not ready to get married, Wendy is horrified when her Zintal Grandmother zaps her back to her home and tries to introduce Wendy to her future husband. A funny, delightful read. This story, told in 1st person, is another of my favourites in this collection. An unusual, quite original plot and idea that I applauded. How refreshing to read something so different. I feel a fan attack coming on…

Ooh. I welcome ALL fan attacks. Really. Rabid fans welcome.


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