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Friday, December 16, 2005

Waking Dream

I crashed earlier today for a nap, when the Tax Deductions were also in Slumberland for their mid-day snooze. And I had a very odd dream. I was trying to wake up (in the dream), because people came to look at the house. (We're on the market, and God willing, we'll sell the darn house soon.) So while they were looking, I was in bed, trying to wake up. A dog came upstairs and went into my bathroom and started drinking water from the toilet. This was odd because (A) we have two cats, no dogs, and (B), I wouldn't have my worst enemy drink the water from the toilet--yuck!

Any interpretations?

Meanwhile, Backspace is temporarily offline, I haven't written a thing today, and I'm feeling grumpy. But I did come up with an idea for HELL'S BELLES cover art, and I started the brainstorming thing for the next book, affectionately referred to as HB2. Yay, me!


At 5:41 PM, Blogger Faith said...

Dreams are usually are sub selves trying to tell us something. Often it's symbolic, such as the dog drinking the toilet water. But it could've been something you saw on TV or read. Sometimes scenes I see or read will reappear that night in my dreams.

My guess is that the dog is some part of your personality or life that you don't like. The toilet and nasty water might be the effect that the personality trait makes you feel? Dunno, just taking a stab at it. Have you looked up dogs in dreams to see what, if any, significance they have?

Then again, it might be too much chocolate and munchies before bed, ROFL. :-D


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