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Monday, June 20, 2005

"It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding"

Back from the wedding in Ithaca. And still alive, as are both of my darling Tax Deductions and my Loving Husband. Even the cats are still with us, wailing about a half hour after we go to sleep and tearing through the house around midnight, chasing ghosts or their shadows or, in general, just being annoying yet still cuddly.

Given that this was our first Family Event, it wasn't bad at all. Loving Husband and I were able to snatch a few precious Alone Grown-up Minutes, with drinks in hand, and the Tax Deductions both had a good time, especially once I let them run around in their superhero pajamas. Hey, would you rather have an almost 4 year old and an almost 2 year old dressed up for a wedding and loud-loud-loud, or dressed up for bed and giggling-laughing-being utterly adorable? Right. Us, too.

It was a three hour trip up there (and back again). On the way there, when did the little ones fall asleep? I can hear the parents out there answering with me: ten minutes before we arrived at the wedding.

Parenting 101, Tip No. 38: When going on a Road Trip (defined as a car ride longer than a half hour), make sure you have goldfish crackers, apple juice, and lollipops ready for the Tax Deductions. These things are godsends. Truly. Dentists may not like the lollipop angle, but that's why some clever person invented toothbrushes.

Jackie's Submission Update
Well, finally heard back from one of the contests. Specifically, the Writers of the Future. My story didn't make it to the finals this time around. Ah well. I'd rather know than not know.

Ah, nuts to that. I'd rather squirm from uncertainty for a while longer and then learn that my story is getting published.

Bummer. Anyway, looking to see if I have another short story ready before the quarter closes (June 30).

Book Buzz of the Day
Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I always thought the Wicked Witch got the bum end of the deal. Well written, literary yet entertaining--and quite clever--this story is well worth the read. (Haven't seen the musical.)


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