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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Catching Up

So approximately a million things have happened during the past week. London bombings and possible (okay, probable) high-level leaks that led to the uncovering of a CIA agent and Darfur atrocities and continued terrorism in Iraq aside...I got published.

Huh. You know, somehow that doesn't quite measure up, all things considered. So let's take a moment to contemplate the continued evils that plague the world. Heck, let's make it a full minute. That's okay; I can wait. (Heaven knows it's taken me a week to update this blog.)

In sum: Bad things suck.

Okay, onto the good. I got published! My poem, "Casanova's Villanelle," now appears on WildChild Publishing! (And I swear, Loving Husband, this poem ain't about you.)

And...WildChild Publishing also accepted a short story for publication, to appear next month! Stay tuned for "The Compromise!"

Some not so hot stuff, too: I finally got a rejection from Agent 13 (I think it's 13; heck, I have to reread "The GAN: A Love Story" from last month to keep everything straight). More than 15 weeks for the Agent to consider the partial, and all I got was a lousy form letter. Well, to be fair, as form letters go, it really was quite tasteful. Letterhead, and everything. Still, a rejection, with no reason why. Crap.

Also got a few stories rejected from magazines. Double crap.

That's okay. Whatever doesn't kill me is all fodder for new stories. Remember, kids: To a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and to a writer, everything looks like material. So be nice to a writer today.


At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Jim said...

Congrats on the sales/publication, and sympathy on the form letter.

I think the most obnoxious agent bounce I ever got was a badly photocopied quarter-sheet of paper stapled to my cover letter.

You're getting nibbles from agents. No bites yet, but even the nibbles put you way ahead in the game.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

Thanks and thanks, Jim! Every nibble counts. I know this from my love affair with chocolate. Even when I only nibble on it, I gain about ten pounds. See? The nibbles all add up!


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