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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Happy Weekend!

I'm back from my day-trip to NYC. Had a two-hour art meeting for the day job. Looking at different art concepts for our line-up is always interesting, usually fun, and sometimes worthy of discussion. Not this time; it was just interesting and fun. Have my next art meeting in two weeks. Woo hoo, a respite.

When I finally trudged through my door, exhausted (had to get up at 4:45 am to make the 6:20 Amtrak--which is a 40-minute drive from my house) and grumbly (because I'm just that kind of person), Loving Husband called out, "Who's that I hear?" And both Tax Deductions shouted, "Mommy!" There's nothing like a spine-crushing hug from a 3 year old and a wet-lipped smooch from a 1 year old to really lift the spirits. Hell, it's proof of God. ((Huge contented smile here.))

Today's going to be a scorcher -- over 90 degrees, with the heat index hitting 100. We're heading up to Saratoga Springs to my best friend's house. The kids will all be splashing in their pools, and the adults will either be doing the same or drinking caffeinated beverages or drinking said beverages and doing some serious said splashing.

Bon weekend, all.

Jackie's Submission Update
Well, I'm completely over my devestation from the other day. So what if one agent took a pass? I still have five others out there with the material for CHARLES, and still have four looking at THE LORN (or possibly using the full manuscript as a booster seat for their children. Who knows?), so it's not all bad. Positive thoughts!

I have seven short stories circulating out there. I should be hearing from one mag Any Day Now -- the editor is supposed to be looking at the queries/subs that fell through the cracks this weekend. Fingers crossed; my story's been there since December 2004. ((shrug))

Book Buzz of the Day
The Stephanie Plum series, by Janet Evanovich. I'm rereading the early books in the series, and I had forgotten how fun and breezy the dialogue was. Stephanie rocks. A NJ chick with excellent fashion sense and a stun gun. Not exactly Buffy, but she'll do in a pinch.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELIZABETH SHYMAN! And congratulations to Laura and J.T. on the birth of your little girl! Finally, huge hugs to big brother Mitchell. Rmember to teach Elizabeth how to wrap Mommy and Daddy around her finger.

CONGRATULATIONS, ROB ROWNTREE, ON YOUR SHORT STORY PUBLICATION! Check out "Perspectives," a very cool character-driven SF story: http://www.sciencefictionfantasyhorror.com

Snarly Grrr Argh Thought of the Day
Mosquitos suck.


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