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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Ten months after submitting an entry to the Wizards of the Coast Open Call 2004, I finally received my form letter rejection. :-) Better late than never, I always say.

I'm actually sort of glad it was turned down. This is the neverending Book 1, my contemporary fantasy. Once I'm done with the HELL series (the three books that have sold, woot, and then the remaining two in the five-part story arc), I want to pick up Book 1 again and see if I can salvage any of it. I've come to the conclusion that I hit most, if not all of the cliches expected in epic fantasy with that book--in and of itself, that's damned impressive--so it will need a major rewrite just to strip away the "been there, done that" stuff. But I think I've got good characters and a unique system of magic. So...overhaul the plot (get rid of the darn Quest To Find The Magic Item, natch) and start the action immediately. Okay...no problem.

I still have a few short stories out there circulating, but for now my main focus is the next in the Hell series (HB2). I finished the very (very, very, VERY) rough outline for the novel. Twenty chapters--and nary a prologue in sight!

Just chilling to Cirque du Soleil...

Ten days to new episodes of Battlestar Galactica!

Okay, done babbling.


At 3:31 PM, Blogger Faith said...

Well, look at it this way, you made it farther than most of the entries did!

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

LOL -- I don't know about that, Faith! A whole bunch of us at Absolute Write have been comparing our form rejection numbers (I'm #335).


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