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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is Next...

So here I am, waiting for my trusted Beta Reader to finish reading THE ROAD TO HELL. It's a nice break away from the Jesseverse, and I'm absolutely not tweaking it. At all. Well, not much. Any more. While I wait. So, what to do?

Answer: Be productive.

I'm poring through Wild Child Publishing submissions, finally getting back to those wonderful souls who have been so terribly patient with me. Pretty sure I'll be accepting two rewrites today. Hooray!

Also, I've been asked to moderate a panel at next week's long-awaited Backspace Conference. The panel is about "Humor in Mystery." Mystery? Well, I know mystery meat very well. That works, right? Actually, I'm thrilled about this opportunity. The four panelists are all uber-talented authors, and I'm looking forward to meeting them, asking them questions, and concentrating on not vomiting on their shoes out of nerves. (Me and public speaking...er, got to work on that.) So I'm reading their books and going over the questions I'll be asking.

As per the lovely Heather Brewer, I should also, you know, be packing for the trip. ((Eyes outfits)) I should also stop eating for the next week.

I've started kicking around ideas for the next HELL book: HOTTER THAN HELL. Nothing solid yet; just mental flotsam. I bought a spiffy journal with the words PUBLISH OR PERISH stamped on the front; I'll plop my ideas down on those pages.

I wrote the dedication and acknowledgment pages for HB. Reviewing it tomorrow, then sending along to my editor.

My web designer is slaving away on the next round of mockups for my upcoming site. I've started drafting content.

So...what to do with ALL my free time?


THE MAGIC BRIGADE is back, peeps. Gonna finish that baby.

Heh. Why the Hell not?


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I never have free time, and when I finally manage to scrape up a "free" second or two (really on loan from the universe, the points are a bitch!) you can see the little question marks bobbing over my head like quantum corks in some kind of cosmic gelatin.

Tarot and porn, why do I always end up with tarot and porn?

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Heather Brewer said...

A tough choice at times.

Yay, Jax! And onward the Magic Brigade!!! Hmmm...packing? Not eating? These are things I should be doing too. The not eating is going okay so far. The packing? Nah. Too busy playing on MySpace and Backspace (lotta spaces in my life). Nice to have some down time, though. And yay! I get to see you in person soon!!!

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Jackie said...

Anonymous -- heh, I love that! Tarot and porn! :-)

Heather -- counting the days until we finally meet! (8!)

At 12:10 PM, Blogger Heather Brewer said...

8 days! (is it still 8?) EEE!!!

At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Loving Husband said...

Jackie said...
"So...what to do with ALL my free time?

Well, as it turns out, if you're interested in doing some research (cough, cough) for HOTTER THAN HELL, I'll see what I can do about clearing some space on my calendar for you! :-)

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Jackie said...



Hellions, Jax wil be unavailable for...um, a while. She and Loving Husband have to (cough) get busy with the research.


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