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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Two Bucks for a Car

One of my dear friends, EJ, just lost his car to creditors. Sucks, right? More than you know. EJ is on disability, and he needs his car to see his doctors. He has twenty days -- count 'em, days -- to earn $3,000 to buy back his wheels.

EJ called on his Backspace buds to help him collect 1,500 stories, which he will sell at $2 per story. In twenty days. He's setting up PayPal on his blog, Only On Sunday, and he will launch the first batch of stories ASAP.

I kicked in a story and will throw in two more, as well as a poem. Other Backspace writers have been flocking to EJ's cause to help him raise money to buy back his car.

Spread the word. Link to EJ's blog.

And dude: buy a story or two. Two bucks. Just over two songs at Apple's Music Store. Less than a latte at Starbucks.

Help EJ get his car back.


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