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Friday, February 16, 2007

Squee for Georgina!

Lookie! It's Richelle's SUCCUBUS BLUES, hitting shelves EARLY!

(Next to a book called The Harem. Ironic, no?)

And look at how the lighting highlights Georgina's boobies!



At 4:45 AM, Blogger Richelle said...

*lol* Jackie, I sent you that picture (and Charity sent it to me first), and you posted it on your blog before I did mine! You're too silly. And by silly, I mean awesome. :)

At 6:38 AM, Blogger crowwoman / rhian said...

it's out finally!!! Okay - now what time does Borders open?

At 9:07 AM, Blogger Demon Hunter said...

Hey! I have a copy of Hell's Belles but I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet! It looks great! I'm working on my manuscript currently, but will read it soon! Stop by my blog sometime since I don't get to see you on Absolute Write anymore. I'm HorrorWriter on AW, by the way. See ya!

At 4:56 PM, Blogger DeeandDee said...

I, too have HB now, bought it at the same store SB was out early! Just as soon as I kick off Richelle's FAB week tomorrow, it's getting read. Cannot wait, I hear verah, verah, good thangs.

Take Care

At 6:53 PM, Blogger crowwoman / rhian said...

Got back in from bookstores a wee bit ago and no luck. Sniff. Guess the deep dark south is just behind the times. Amazing, huh?

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

Sorry I've been away, kiddies...

RICHELLE: Smile when you say that, sweetie... So, how does it feel, having your book actually in stores? Surreal, in a totally awesome way?

RHIAN: Hang tight; it officially launches on March 6, so it may be another week before more stores have it. It's worth the wait!

DEMON HUNTER/HORROR WRITER: Eek, I know, I've been bad about visiting AW or Backspace lately. Real life has been kicking my hiney, and I've had very little time for anything. I haven't even had coffee yet today! Thanks for buying HB -- hope you enjoy the read!

DEEANDDEE: Thanks so much for buying HB!

At 9:43 AM, Blogger Demon Hunter said...

No problem, Jackie. I know that you are busy. I hope to be busy writing professionally soon as well. I'm busy with a tiring state job and writing. Yikes!

At 7:21 PM, Blogger crowwoman / rhian said...

Jackie... I GOT IT!!! It was at Borders tonight. The staff has permanent ear damage.


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